48 Laws of Power: Law #20 Do Not Commit to Anyone

Law 20: Do not commit to anyone

  •      Fools rush to pick a side.
  •      Do not commit to a cause but yourself
  •      Maintain independence
  •      Make people chase you and play people against one another

1.) Keep your options open in your career. Don’t be afraid of sending out your resume to see if better opportunities exist. Consider starting your own company if you can find a market for your skills.

2.) Do hobbies or activities that let you meet new people- this prevents you getting stuck with the same social group. I find that going to language classes and climbing has been a great way for me personally to meet people.

I would say that the only people you can commit to these days is your immediate family. This is due to kin selection, which is beyond the point of this discussion.


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