48 Laws of Power: Law #21 Play A Sucker to Catch A Sucker- Seem Dumber Than Your Mark

Law 21: Play a sucker to catch a sucker- seem dumber than your mark

  •      Don’t be stupid, but make your mark appear smarter than you
  •      Making them appear smarter hides your motives

Misdirection is one of the most valuable strategies for business, marketing, and even game.

Play stupid. Stay quiet. Act like you don’t already know about something and have other people explain it to you, they’ll reveal all that they know: people are suckers for gossip.

Showing off all that you know, immediately, is a fools game. I can do this, I speak all these different languages, I drive such and such car. I know, I’m guilty of this as well.

But people do not want to know everything about you, especially at first.

People want mystery, they want to feel like they’re uncovering a great conspiracy, or that they’re revealing parts of your life and personality on their own. You can’t simply manufacture mystery, just like desire.

If you speak another language, slowly inject it into conversations. If you know how to golf, don’t go around telling people about how low you can shoot, let them see for themselves. Life is boring enough without having to read someone’s damn Facebook bio, blabbing on and on about themselves.


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