48 Laws of Power: Law #38 Think As You Like But Behave Like Others

Law 38: Think as you like but behave like others

  •      By flaunting your unconventional ways people will only think you want attention
  •      They’ll punish you for making them feel inferior
  •      Blend in

In government buildings and other feminine dominated environments I act like a beta faggot. It’s necessary to get ahead. In the clubs? Full gorilla mode. That’s what this law is. You need to be able to turn your beta on and off at the drop of a hat. Being alpha everywhere 24/7 does not reap the greatest results. This links in with law 48 – be formless. Like water, fill up the volume of the social space you’re in. If beta gets you the most benefits, be beta. If beta is frowned upon and in the new environment alphas get all the respect/pussy – be alpha. Alpha thrives in male dominated environments like building sites and gyms. Alpha is always respectable, but it’s also scary, especially to women/betas/omegas/people with power who don’t want to be overthrown etc. If you scare people with power too much, they won’t help you/look at you favourably. You must play beta (law 1 – don’t outshine.) I know we’d all like to be alpha all the time and thrive in that endeavour, but that’s foolish miscalibration. The nail that sticks out gets hammered.

“Everyone sees what you seem to be, but few touch what you are.” Machiavelli


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