48 Laws of Power: Law #37 Create Compelling Spectacles

Law 37: Create compelling spectacles

  •      Striking imagery and symbolic gestures create the auro of power and people respond
  •      Stage spectacles for those around you and heighten your presence
  •      Dazzle by appearance

Take some time to think about how your gesturing is perceived by others.

How do you think others perceive you when you’re gesturing is fast and frantic? Does it match your intent? How about when your gestures are slow and relaxed?

Are your movements rigid/tense, rather than smooth? (Try various techniques you can find online to relax yourself. Breathing techniques help me. There’s a reason most people exhale during the concentric phase of a weight lift. It helps me stabilize.)

Also, while doing gestures, it’s generally better to be generous with them. If they’re tiny gestures, and your arms are still close to your chest, you appear scrunched up, defensive, and smaller than you are. It just diminishes your presence and is harder for people farther away from you to see what you are trying to do. Note that wider gestures require more movement so it might subconsciously encourage you to move faster than you want or need.


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