48 Laws Of Power: Law #46 Never Appear Too Perfect

Law 46: Never appear too perfect

  •      Its dangerous to appear like you have no thoughts
  •      Its ok to admit to small defects

Human perfection is only an illusion.

The more one tries to ‘appear’ to be, the harsher the scrutiny becomes also. The expectation and the disappointment, the pressure.

This is mentioned in “How to Win Friends and Influence People“.

“If we know we are going to be rebuked anyhow, isn’t it far better to beat the other person to it and do it ourselves? Isn’t it much easier to listen to self-criticism than to bear condemnation from alien lips? ”

Similar solid advice when on an interview, you will almost always be asked what your weaknesses are. “None” is the wrong answer. The correct answer is to, readily admit your faults in areas that don’t matter. It will make you more approachable without making you look bad.


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Law 46

48 Laws of Power: Law #1 Never Outshine the Master

Law #1 Never Outshine the Master

  •      Make those above you feel superior. Do not show your talents too much, it’ll make them insecure.
  •    Make the master appear more brilliant than they are.

Practical application: If you’re trying to flirt with a woman who is with a group of women and men, make sure you include the men and the unattractive female friends. People will already feel uncomfortable with your presence, make them feel valuable by allowing them to be themselves in a situation that’s commonly followed by men trying to AMOG each other.

Core lesson: Give value. Everyone is a “master” in their own way. The fool who has taken TRP will try to make others feel like shit and assert his dominance. The real RPer will give value to those who deserve it and isn’t afraid to have the spotlight being on someone else, since he is that sure of himself.


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