48 Laws Of Power: Law #47 Do Not Go Past The Mark You Aimed For; In Victory Know When to Stop

Law 47: Do not go past the mark you aimed for; in victory know when to stop

  •      When going to far in victory, you make more enemies
  •      Set a goal, achieve it, then stop

“Done is better than perfect”

If you can get something functional and off the ground… a new product… training materials… delivering something on time… etc… it builds your credibility step by step.

Its like a game of poker… when you do something good you earn a few chips… make a minor mistake you lose a few chips… do a project well and your boss speaks well, win a lot of chips… piss of the wrong person lose a lot of chips.

If you do one project and focus on ONLY that project and make it perfect in 10x the amount of time you could do 4-6 good enough projects you will only win the same amount of chips as the guy who did that same project “Good Enough.”

The point is that all business is personal. It is perception. By going from one project to another in a company and having them be “Good Enough” and working within the needed specs you will be seen as a “go to” guy to get it done. After the project is launched you can polish out anything while in progress.

Building a mountain of poker chips (perception of effectiveness & corporate citizenship) with co-workers and superiors will open doors for you. If you do a epic f’k up you can go “all in”, shove your stack and have others speak up that you are worth saving.


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