48 Laws Of Power: Law #40 Despise The Free Lunch

Law 40: Despise the free lunch

  •      What’s offered for free in dangerous
  •      Pay your own way to avoid guilt and gratitude
  •      No cutting corners with excellence
  •      Be lavish with your money, keep it circulating
  •      Generosity is a sign and magnet for power

When you receive something for free from someone, you are inherently indebted to that person. That person then has power over you and you can be sure that person will capitalize on their investment in the future.

A successful man is one with power and influence over many. Have people do small favors for you in order to increase comfort with you. If you can afford it, when you go out with a friend offer to buy them lunch or a drink if you’re at a bar–not often enough for them to take you for granted, but as a means to get them to “owe you one.”

This is probably one of the best laws to follow if your aim is to be independent.


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