48 Laws of Power: Law #34 Be Royal in Your Own Fashion: Act Like A King to Be Treated Like One

Law 34: Be royal in your own fashion: act like a king to be treated like one

  •      The way you carry yourself determines how you’re treated
  •      Appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you
  •      Kings respect themselves and inspire the same in others
  •      By acting confident you make yourself destined to wear a crown

This law ties in well with the one about arguing with people. What is seen is always far more potent than what is heard. You can go on and on to someone about this, that and the other thing: the things you do to improve yourself, know how on any topic, etc. They will never receive the message as fully as when they see you killing it yourself.

Walk into a room with dominant body language and a grounded mental state and anything you do thereafter will be seen in the frame of a king amongst his subjects, something you could never convince someone of in words.

Assume the sale. Lack of a red light is is your green light. Every 8/10 and above desperately wants you. This has to be the reality you bring her into. Hot girls will walk right past you on the sidewalk and not even look in your direction. It’s all on you to stop her. Natural selection literally rules out the men who are too scared to lead, too timid to escalate, too afraid to approach. Women are betas. They will not steer your ship, they will find someone who knows how to be a captian.

“You know what a Queen is? She’s the Kings bitch.” -Patrice O’Neal


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