48 Laws of Power: Law #30 Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless

Law 30: Make your accomplishments seem effortless

  •      Conceal the clever tricks
  •      Make your success seem natural
  •      Do not reveal how hard you work
  •      Teach no one your tricks

I know people who post 5 “gym status updates” a week but they are fat and unattractive. They want people to know they are going to the gym because it’s all about the validation. By contrast I run and lift a few times a week but I never ever tell anyone about it. Women want to believe they are with a naturally strong, masculine man. They don’t want to know that you used to be a skinny-fat social retard. They want the finished product. The more “natural” it seems the higher value you have as a result. They don’t care about your struggle and even admitting that you struggled is a sign that you are less fit. Staying tight lipped about your efforts is the best way to appear effortless.

I think the same thing applies to women. She should remain fit, attractive, dress in a cute style, and wear an appropriate level of makeup that accentuates her feminine features. If she does these things but complains that it took her an hour to get ready and it’s really hard for her to stick to her yoga routine and diet because she prefers watching TV and eating cake I am getting a big red flag that her femininity isn’t natural, isn’t effortless, and therefore it may one day go away. Women don’t want a “temporary” alpha any more than men want a “temporary” feminine woman. Stay quiet about your efforts to improve and make yourself attractive and successful.


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