48 Laws of Power: Law #25 Re-create Yourself

Law 25: Re-create yourself

  •      Create an identity that commands attention and never bores
  •      Be the master of your own image
  •      Use large gestures and actions-your character will seem huge and you’ll gain power

A lot of people focus on physically relocating to a place where no one knows you or has preconceptions about you. And that might work for a little bit. But if you’re unable to maintain a strong frame, you’ll fail even after physically relocating

I believe this law is better paired up with the law #17 that says “Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability”

You want to do this everywhere. Even in the place you grew up and people think of you as mama’s boy. Surprise them. Shock them. And then keep a poker face. If they want you to verbalize your reasons, say something to the tune of “I felt like it, so I did it”

The key to Law 25 is in thinking about what your end goal is, and then building an image that works for that agenda. Cultivate a persona that complements your personal and career goals, and use it to dazzle your audience, confuse your opponents, and seduce your allies.


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