48 Laws of Power: Law #24 Play the Perfect Courtier

Law 24: Play the perfect courtier

  •      Master the art of indirection
  •      Assert power gracefully

Think about your past managers and bosses. Which ones did you work hardest for? I’m betting they were not the ones who were constantly belittleing you or telling you what to do in an agressive manner. You probably worked hardest for the ones who treated you with respect and shared a few jokes now and again.

Now think about the people who have worked under you. Did you like the knowitalls who acted like they knew better than you? When around people working for you, don’t take credit for things that go well. Give them the credit even if it was you who made the difference. This sends the message to your people that you are fully aware that it is they who carry out the tasks and are dependent on them doing it right. This will help make them feel appreciated. People are much more likely to work hard if they feel their work is appreciated.

Make people WANT to help you out. That will always produce the best results.


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