48 Laws of Power: Law #23 Concentrate Your Forces

Law 23: Concentrate your forces

  •      Intensity defeats extensity every time
  •      Find a fat cow that’ll give you milk for a long time

At first glance this law seems mainly applicable to business. The Paretto principle does not only concern women. Just like 80% of women fuck 20% of men, 80% of your business (and revenue) will come from 20% of your clients.

Example: During the Gamergate scandal, Intel pulled ads from Gamasutra and I believe other websites as well. Rather than trying to appease the mainstream majority, they appealed to the small percentage of gamers (mainly men) who are actually buying their products. And once the scandal blew over, they reinstated their ads.

However, I think this law really shines when it is applied to our personal endeavors. Many people advocate both expanding your hobbies and interests and pursuing multiple women, but even while you are in both those spheres simultaneously they require very different approaches. To master a new skill, it requires 10000 hours of practice. It requires fortitude and dilligence, especially in the face of setbacks and difficulties. With women, you need an abundance mentality and the ability to next them and move on for a multitude of reasons.

Unfortunately, men tend to mix up those mindsets. You have guys pouring time, effort, energy, and commitment into unworthy and ungrateful women when they should be walking away. On the other hand you have men moving from hobby to hobby like butterflies flitting between flowers, dropping an interest the second it gets difficult, boring, or even too expensive (lack of willingness to pay stemming from aversion to commitment).

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of becoming a “jack of all trades, master of none”. You have men who can code a little, cook a little, know a few words in another language, and have an okay body, but ultimately are useless in every aspect. They can’t build a website or app. Their chicken is dry. They’d be lost in a foreign country. They can’t drop those last pounds.

They lack the diligence or attention span to commit to a single interest long enough to gain benefit. They’re in it for the novelty and misplaced pride, sticking around just enough that they can add the latest hobby to their “collection” of skills.

Now don’t get me wrong, jack of all trades in general is more enjoyable than master of one. It opens up many more opportunities. You don’t need to become an expert on French literature to reap the benefits. My point is that a few weeks on Duolingo doesn’t cut it.

However, in terms of making money, you need to demonstrate value, prestige, and specialization. Keep digging that mine.


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