48 Laws of Power: Law #15 Crush Your Enemy Totally

Law 15: Crush your enemy totally.

  •      More is lost through stopping halfway.
  •      Crush your enemy in body and spirit.

A good example of this in sports is the first fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen (UFC fans know what I am talking about). Chael comes in as an underdog, dominates for 4.5 rounds, and then in the final seconds he gets complacent and loses by submission.

Not people skills wise but I have seen this happen to me in my academic career, I start off strong in a class and then by the second half of the semester I get lazy and that potential A turns into a low B and sometimes even a C. The same principle can easily be applied to an opponent that is your equal, you get that leg up on them but instead of putting them away, you let them come back and you pay the price for it.

The message I got from this law is never be complacent over a small victory, keep on pushing all the way to the end!


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