48 Laws of Power: Law #3 Conceal your Intentions

Law 3: Conceal your intentions

  •      Keep people off-balance. They cannot prepare if they don’t know. Guide them down the wrong path.

An old banking saying:

“Push the background to the foreground and the facts underground.”

Deceive by being open with information that does not matter while hiding those things that really are important. Information overload.

Sometimes a “shit test” can be deflected by going on a long story surrounding the topic but never exposing anything. By giving abundant useless information you appear to be addressing her feelings while never actually giving anything away. She at least feels she got an explanation and since it was her emotion that mattered to her she feels satisfied.

“Giving the runaround.”


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1 thought on “48 Laws of Power: Law #3 Conceal your Intentions

  1. I love your article, I also have an article about the 48 laws of power: Law 3 – Concealyour your intentions similar with yours. You can refer to it and show me your idea. Thanks your sharing.


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